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01.11.15: New CS:GO map, Alsace
29.01.15: New design and new hosting
14.01.15: New year, new map - Cache
27.08.14: Yo, big update, new site design
13.02.13: New map Inferno
05.02.13: Another new screenshots in old maps section Click
28.01.13: New screenshots in old maps section
27.12.12: New Quake 3 map Switch
01.11.12: New map Noontide, updated screenshots and videos
31.10.12: Hai, i'm still here! New site structure now and new map very soon
02.08.12: Cosmetic site update, new category with dropped maps
23.07.12: Menace has been done, yay Menace
10.07.12: New hosting and new site, thanks, Weebly
19.05.12: Q3 map suspended, doing little map for Wolfenstein: ET Click
03.05.12: Working on my first Quake 3 map Menace (Working Title)
07.04.12: I found another aim map Advanced
13.09.11: Stalkyard for WSW has been done Stalkyard
28.06.11: Birthday of my homepage